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Air conditioning

A/C performance test, replacement of parts as necessary, refrigerant evacuation and recharge, and checking for refrigerant leaks. 


Brake noise diagnosis, brake inspection, and replacement of pads/shoes, calipers, rotors/drums, and hardware as necessary.

Brake Relining

Riveting or bonding new brake material on to old style brake shoes that cannot be ordered anymore.


Inspection of tune-up parts, and replacement of spark plugs, wires, coils, or cap and rotors as necessary or as scheduled maintenance.

Cooling System

Repair/Service of cooling system components such as hoses, water pumps, radiators, heater cores, and flushes of the system, as well as diagnostic of failed components. 


Includes servicing, diagnostic, minor transmission repair, and replacement of transmissions as needed.

Maintenance services:

includes scheduled, requested, and needed services to fluids and components.


Includes service, diagnostic, and repair/replacement of differential components



Diagnostic, repair, and replacement of engines and engine components.


Diagnose exhaust leaks, repair and replace as needed. We also do custom exhaust work such as bending, flaring, and welding.

Lube Oil Service

Along with draining oil, replacing the oil filter, and filling oil, a 17 point inspection is done on the vehicle to check for any potential problems.

Pre-purchase / pre-trip inspection

Suspension / steering

Diagnostic and repair on all suspension and steering components as needed.

Diesel service / repair

Diagnostic, service, and repair to all diesel-powered passenger and fleet vehicles.


We service, diagnose, and repair hybrid batteries and systems.